March 19, 2020

The commitment of Reed and Steinbach Funeral Home to the families and community we serve will continue to be our primary concern, today and every day, just as it has in the past. The health and safety of the public and our team are of utmost importance and in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Federal Government, local Government and the Pennsylvania Funeral Director’s Association we will be taking the following measures in mitigating exposure to the COVID-19 virus:

Our team members are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week accepting telephone calls and to care for your loved one.

On-site presence of our team will be limited, however, someone from our team is available at all times for assistance, including telephone calls.

In person funeral arrangements for final illness/imminent death and funerals are offered. However, we request the in person arrangements be limited. We are also able to offer assistance remotely.

All in person gatherings/services will be offered in accordance with the CDC guidelines which include a limit of the number of attendees. Our team will continue our efforts in planning and scheduling services when it is safe and as approved by the CDC so loved ones may be honored.

We appreciate the confidence you place in us. Rest assured, during these difficult times, we at Reed and Steinbach Funeral Home will continue to assist our families with the continued caring and professionalism you have come to expect.

Thank you.


Reed and Steinbach Funeral Home